Bisexual Trio Escorts foursome Abby, Belle and Valerie

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Bisexual Trio Escorts foursome Abby, Belle and Valerie

A Bisexual Foursome With Three Bisexual Trio escorts Abby, Belle and Valerie

A bisexual duobooking is a very popular choice at our high class escort service. But every now and then there are clients who want something extra special and invite three escorts for a bisexual foursome. When such a booking was discussed during our most recent fotoshoot, it was an easy choice for high class escorts Abby, Belle and Valerie; they were completely into the idea. The three slim Young all have something special. Valerie with her beautiful long legs, the sexy curves of escort Belle and the natural beauty of Abby. To get you ‘on board’ as well, they all wrote something fun about how they envision a bisexual foursome, and of course we made a beautiful photograph of the three ladies together.

Bisexual high class escort Abby

“Something I’ve been fantasizing about for a while; a foursome. How great would it be to experience something so intimate and special together with three other ladies. Perhaps I know one of them and we can share something beautiful with two others. Or perhaps it’s all new and I don’t know anybody? That makes me feel excited, in a good way. Building such a connection with three people I don’t know yet. In any case, it will be a special experience. I think it’s amazing to discover several bodies during a foursome, and to slowly undress each other to our stunning lingerie. So many possible positions, where we all have our own fantasies and ideas that create something spectacular when combined. I see so many possibilities. Getting to know each other over drinks and dinner, followed by creating a wonderful atmosphere with scented candles, sensual music and soft lights. Two persons are on the bed, caressing each other, watching how two other women are kissing in stunning lingerie. Perhaps a striptease or lapdance. And then of course a night of passionate sex with not one, or two but three people… Toys, feathers, positions, I can fantasize about it endlessly. Perhaps we soon share this experience together?”

Bisexual high class escort Belle

“One of my fantasies is spoiling a beautiful woman. Feeling her soft, warm body against mine. Kissing her and exploring her body. An other special fantasy is being spoiled by a beautiful woman, or even better, by two beautiful women. How exciting would it be to loose control and surrender to two beautiful women. Who kiss, touch and caress you everywhere. I would prefer to share this fantasy with an other man, who can enjoy the view. Or a man who would like to join in. He can join spoiling one of the ladies, take charge and decide how she’ll be pleasured. Or take place in the middle and be spoiled not by one, or two but by three beautiful women. We will take control and decide who will pleasure him where. This while pleasuring each other. We can massage each other with oil, slowly sliding our hands all over him. Pleasuring each other with hands and mouth. And uniting to a wonderful and intense climax.

During the photoshoot I finally had the opportunity to see the other gorgeous ladies at Society Service in sexy lingerie. But two beautiful blondes stood out: Valerie and Abby. Not only do they have sexy blonde hair, but also a body to die for and radiate sensuality. We immediately felt a connection between the three of us. During the photoshoot we posed together on the bed. I was the lucky one in the middle, while they where caressing and kissing my body. A small part of my fantasy became reality, being touched, caressed and spoiled by two beautiful women. Now this was only for the picture, but all three of use noticed excitement building, an experience we would love to share with an other man. Watch how the ladies spoil each other, or lay in the middle, while we all spoil you. But we won’t be able to keep our hands of each other. I would love to share a bath with the other ladies, relax with a glass of champagne and discover each others’ body. Massaging each other, before continuing to the bed. We can rub our bodies with oil, giving each other full body massages, while the man is watching. And after that the three of us can massage the man. I would gladly take the middle of the bed and be pleasured by Abby and Valerie, with him watching. After that the other ladies can take my place to be pleasured to amazing climaxes. Eventually he can take the middle of the bed, and be spoiled by all three of us at the same time. Our bodies will slide of his, one of the ladies will take control and tell me how to spoil him to his climax. But in the meanwhile, we won’t be able to keep our hands of each other.”

Bisexual high class escort Valerie

“It must be amazing to a man to enjoy the company of three ladies. Like any professional, I want to have fun with what I do and be great at it. I gladly put myself in the position of a client and then wonder what the ultimate experience can be. When I combine this with my own fantasies, I see a foursome. And not with two men and two women, no with two other ladies and one client. To spoil the man together, making him feel like he’s in heaven. Being spoiled by three high class escorts must be unbelievable, as an high class escort certainly knows her way around the bedroom. Our fun is just as important so we of course start by spoiling each other, before allowing him to join in.

Becoming an high class escort is not something that happens overnight, you either have it or you don’t. For me sex is not only physical. Touching and attention for each other are of great importance. I feel many experience a shortage in this, which goes way beyond the sexual. To me it’s about experiencing warmth and intimacy between each other. To share your thoughts and experience understanding, to de-stress. An high class escort doesn’t listen to you by sitting, smiling and looking pretty. She does so by paying genuine attention to what goes on in your head. I see it as a challenge to get into your mind and having you confide your deepest desires to me. But that’s not the only challenge. The real challenge is to make your fantasy come true, in the most perfect fashion possible. I love to make the ultimate fantasy come true of men, women and couples. Experiences provide a wealth in your life and to be part of a person’s experience would be my fantasy come true. Alone, or with one or two other ladies.

To make sure an ultimate fantasy becomes reality, the high class escort needs to intuitively feel what her client is looking for. This doesn’t just happen on its own. Your help is required. A few hints and words can be enough. And don’t for get, we will not judge you for any naughty request you might have. Perhaps we’ll surprise you with a few naughty fantasies of our own as well. When booking an escort who is committed to making your fantasy come true, it will be like exploring her own fantasies as well. You’ll have the time of a lifetime. You’ll enter each others’ dream world and loose track of reality. If you ask me about my fantasies, I have a lot! During a booking we can discover them, the more time we share, the more we can explore. A preview? A foursome with three ladies and one man. It sounds divine to me to be with two ladies who spoil each other from head to toe, while you are watching. Are you on board?”

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